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Study Zones


To maximize the ability of students to study in the library, whatever their needs may be. This policy recognizes that some students will need very quiet study areas while other students need spaces where they can interact, collaborate, and study in groups.

Guidelines for the Entire Building.

  • Electronic devices should not be audible to others.
  • Respect the requests of staff and other library users if you are asked to be quiet.
  • Failure to comply with this policy will be considered a disruption and staff will take necessary steps to discontinue the disruption. Visit the UW Libraries Code of Conduct for more information.

Collaborative Study Zone

First and Second Floor General Areas

Noise level: Chatter

Group work is encouraged but loud conversations are discouraged.

Second and Third Floor Group Study Rooms

Noise level: Medium Chatter                 medium chatter icon

Group work and use of media is encouraged but should be kept at a low enough volume that it cannot be heard outside the room or in the next room.

Quiet Study Zone

Third Floor General Areas

Noise level: Low Hum                 low hum icon

Voices should be kept at a low whisper and any other noise kept at very low levels. Groups in transit to and from study rooms should respect that this is a quiet floor. Use of audible devices and cell phones is not allowed.

Silent Study Zone

Third Floor Reading Room

Noise level: SIlent                 silence icon

This room should be completely silent. Talking, eating, and use of audible devices and cell phones are not allowed in this room.

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