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Display Policy and Procedures

Displays are a valuable part of the Cascadia College and University of Washington Bothell Campus Library's public services outreach and user education. Displays provide an excellent opportunity for the Library to engage in collaborative projects with students and the broader Cascadia College and UW Bothell campus, to encourage and support the intellectual and cultural pursuits of the community. Due to resource restrictions, the Campus Library is not routinely able to support external displays, but we recognize the value of student work and can discuss potential collaborations.

Please contact Library Administration (425-352-5258 or or Richard Lewis Associate Dean (425-352-5387 or if you have any questions.

The Campus Library supports the American Library Association’s recommendation for Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries, which states that “Freedom of information and of creative expression should be reflected in the library exhibits and in all relevant library policy documents.”   The Library is also committed to academic freedom -- no censorship of display materials will be imposed by the Library; however, materials that are judged by the Library’s Ad Hoc Display Committee to be defamatory, willfully false, obscene, inciting racial hatred, or discriminatory will not be approved.


  • Promote the diverse holdings  of our Library collections
  • Promote the role of the Library, its collections, resources, services, and staff as central to the research and teaching programs of the campus community
  • Nourish intellectual, aesthetic, and creative growth
  • Educate the campus community on relevant topics
  • Enhance the mission, values, and strategic directions of the UW Libraries
  • Encourage individuals and groups to contribute to the expansion of knowledge
  • Support campus events, programs, symposia, activities, and accomplishments

Criteria for Selection:

  • Educational content ranging from advanced scholarly contributions to general informational value
  • Relevance to Library collections
  • Broadness of appeal of the main theme
  • Appropriateness of subject, technique, and style for intended location and audience
  • Appropriateness to special events, anniversaries, holidays, etc.
  • Relation to other events or exhibits in the community
  • Representation of an influential movement, genre, trend, or culture
  • An educational presentation is required; as appropriate, multiple viewpoints are represented
  • Does not proselytize or promote the religious or partisan political views of any single person or group
  • Reflects vitality, originality, artistic expression, and experimentation
  • Does not promote the financial profit of any individual, organization, or commercial enterprise
  • Reflects the missions and values of Cascadia College and University of Washington
  • Ease and cost of installation
  • Satisfies public safety considerations, e.g. free standing displays, hands-on exhibits, etc.
  • Exhibitor agrees to sign a display release form with the Campus Library

Panel Displays (first floor lobby)

  • Generally, each panel display will be in place for the quarter. This is based on the amount of time and effort needed to create a panel display.
  • Display space is limited to two free-standing display panels, to be located in the Campus Library’s 1st floor lobby. These two-sided panels measure approximately 46” x 63 ½”.   Push pins for the display panels will be provided.
  • A companion book truck display may also be available. 
  • Exhibitors are responsible for funding all other costs associated with the display
  • The Campus Library is not responsible for the security or welfare of the materials in the display.
  • Installation and de-installation must occur during Library open hours.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for de-installing the display on a date agreed upon with the Campus Library. Any display items that are not picked up at this time by the exhibitor will not be held by the Library. 

Dispute Resolution

The UW Libraries supports academic freedom and the free expression of opinion. The Campus Library will not exercise any censorship of materials such as books, images, labels, or promotional literature that do not violate the guidelines as expressed in the Campus Library’s Display Policy or local, state, or federal laws.

The University Libraries subscribes to the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights as it applies to exhibit spaces and bulletin boards, specifically:

The library should not censor or remove an exhibit because some members of the community may disagree with its content. Those who object to the content of any exhibit held at the library should be able to submit their complaint and/or their own exhibit proposal to be judged according to the policies established by the library.

Challenges of a display, exhibit, or printed materials posted or displayed in the Campus Library may be sent in writing to the Director of the Campus Library. The Campus Library will respond to written statements as follows:

  • The individual will be notified that the Campus Library has received his/her written statement of concern.
  • A copy of the statement will be forwarded to the Vice Provost and Dean of University Libraries.
  • A review process will be conducted in a timely matter in response to an individual's statement of concern.
  • While a concern is being considered, there will be no change in the status of the display, exhibit, or printed materials.
  • Upon completion of the review process, the Library will notify the individual of the Library’s decision.
  • The individual may appeal the decision to the University Libraries.

As part of the UW Libraries, the Campus Library’s display policy is based on and adheres to the UW Libraries Exhibit Guidelines:

Please note that hate speech that targets a particular individual or group and interferes with their ability to use the Library will be reviewed for removal.


Richard Lewis
Associate Dean, University of Washington Libraries
UW Bothell & Cascadia College Campus Library
18225 Campus Way NE, Bothell WA 98011

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