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Study Rooms

Study Rooms are intended to support UW and Cascadia students working on group projects, studying together, or conducting meetings. Due to the popularity of these rooms, the library has established reservation policies for their use. Current UW and Cascadia students may make study room reservations online

Call 425-352-5340 or visit the Information Desk on the first floor of the library for assistance with making room reservations,finding a room, or with questions about these policies and guidelines.  For assistance with technology in study rooms, contact the Computing Help Desk on the first floor of the library (425-352-3145).

Reservation Policies

  • Individuals may have only one active room reservation at a time.
  • Rooms may be reserved for up to 2 hours.
  • Rooms may be reserved up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Reservations must be made to secure unoccupied study rooms. 
  • Rooms are meant to be shared by as many students as possible. Back-to-back and/or multiple reservations by group members are not permitted and may be cancelled by Library staff if rooms are in high demand.
    • However, if a room is available at the end of your reserved time, you may place a new reservation in the system for up to 2 additional hours.
  • If a reserved room is unoccupied after 15 minutes, the reservation may be cancelled by Library staff to allow the room to be used by another individual or group. Visit the Information Desk on the 1st floor or call 425-352-5340 for assistance.
  • Non-UW/CC visitors and off-campus borrowers (Alumni, Summit, etc) cannot reserve study rooms, but may use them if they are unoccupied. They will be asked to leave if a UW/CC affiliated group wishes to use the space. 
  • Instructors cannot reserve rooms for classroom use, office hours, or class meetings. For class related room needs, 
    • Cascadia Faculty: contact the CC Faculty Support Office (425) 352-8175
    • UW Bothell Faculty: contact Planning and Administration at or (425) 352-5404. 

If a library study room is needed for other purposes by an instructor, please email

Room Use Guidelines

  • Study rooms are not soundproof.  Group work and use of media is encouraged, but should be kept at a low enough volume that it cannot be heard outside the room or in the next room.
  • Current food and drink policies apply when using study rooms.  
  • Study rooms should be left in clean condition.
  • All policies stated in the UW Libraries Code of Conduct apply to the use of study rooms.
  • Contact the Computing Help Desk on the first floor of the library (425-352-3145) for assistance with technology in study rooms.
  • Whiteboard work will not be saved.
  • Replacement white board markers and erasers are available from the Information Desk on the first floor or Library Administration on the third floor.
  • Personal belongings left unattended may be removed by Library staff and placed in the Library Lost & Found (located at the Information Desk on the first floor) or routed to the Lost & Found in Campus Safety.

Room Privacy Notes

  • When making a reservation, entries in the "Public Display Name for Reservation" field are visible to anyone. 
  • NetIDs are not publicly visible.
  • Room reservation information is retained for statistical purposes and may be disclosed to law enforcement upon request.

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Comments and suggestions regarding this policy are welcome and can be submitted by email ( or anonymously through the online feedback form.