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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

DEI Implementation Working Group

The Campus Library DEI Implementation Working Group advises on policies and initiatives to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our library services and spaces. Our focus for 2023-2024 is to identify key areas for action from an Anti-Racism Audit (conducted in 2022 by an external consultant), and to recommend a process and structure for setting and achieving DEI-related goals.

Working Group Members include: Joanne Chern, Silvia Eddings, Nia Lam (project coordinator), Myra Waddell, Nicholas Whale

Staff Professional Development Activities

The Campus Library supports staff participation in a variety of DEI professional development activities. This includes programs offered through our Campus partners and many external organizations.

Recent examples of activities in which our staff have been engaged:

  • Washington State Library Anti-racist Policy and Practice Training for Library Workers (January-May 2024)
    • Series of four workshops facilitated by Sofia Leung and team, accompanied by 2-3 person Unlearning & Accountability Partners groups
  • UW Bothell Constructive Dialogue Asynchronous Learning Modules (2023-present)
    • Self-paced online course developed by the UWB Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, accompanied by optional peer to peer discussions
  • Washington Library Association Neurodivergence & Libraries Summit (2023)
    • Day-long workshop with programming around neurodivergence
  • Neurodiversity on Campus: Workshop for Student Employees (2023)
    • Goals for the workshop are to help student employees on campus have a basic understanding of what neurodiversity is, common misconceptions around it, and how to create an inclusive environment for neurodivergent students on campus.
  • Queer Theory Crash Course: Strategies to Resist Anti-LGBTQIA+ Policy (2023)
    • 2-hour course from Library Journal
  • Cascadia College Foundations of E&I course for employees (2021-present)
    • Self-paced online course developed by the Cascadia College Office of Equity & Inclusion, accompanied by small study group discussions
  • Cultures Connecting Workshop (2021)

Historical record of anti-racism initiatives at the Campus Library: