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Food & Beverages

Food is allowed in most areas of the library.


  • Food is not allowed near Library computers (covered drinks are ok)
  • Food is not allowed near book and media shelves
  • Food is not allowed in the Third Floor Reading Room
  • Avoid foods and beverages that could damage materials
  • Avoid foods that could disturb others
  • Use covered beverage containers only
  • Remove or dispose of all trash before leaving

Though food and beverages are allowed in specific areas, disruptive behavior is not allowed in the building. If food odors are bothersome to other users, or if food and beverage types pose a threat to the preservation of collections, staff will take appropriate steps to discontinue the disruption. See the UW Libraries Code of Conduct for more information.


Please report large spills to Library Staff so that proper cleanup can occur. Staff are located at the following locations:

  • 1st Floor Information Commons Desk
  • 3rd Floor LB1-310 Library Administration Office

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Library Administration

Phone: 425-352-5258


Comments and suggestions regarding this policy are welcome and can be submitted by email ( or anonymously through the online feedback form.