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Bicycles in the Library


The University of Washington Libraries is committed to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for all library users and community members. Bicycles are prohibited from being brought into or stored in the Campus Library according to:

Bicycle Storage:

  • Bike racks are available close to the entrance of each building on campus, along Campus Way, and along the Promenade near the Library Annex building, LBA. For a viewable and printable map of campus, please visit the UW Bothell Maps & Directions website.


  • Bicycle lockers are available to rent on a quarterly basis for UW Bothell and Cascadia faculty, staff or students.  Locations include:
    • South of UW1
    • South of LBA
    • Southwest of UW2
    • North of Campus Library
    • UWBB

For more information about bicycle lockers, bicycling, and pedestrian access to campus, please visit the Commuter Services website.

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Comments and suggestions regarding this policy are welcome and can be submitted by email ( or anonymously through the online feedback form.