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Posting Guidelines


To provide guidelines for library spaces available to support advertising for the campus community while preserving the internal and external integrity of the library building and work environment.

General guidelines

  • Informational materials should not be posted on walls, exterior doors and windows, elevator walls, chairs, columns, bathrooms or other surfaces that are not designated for such purposes (see posting locations below)
  • Each posting location has a specific purpose. Materials that do not abide by the guidelines below will be removed by Library staff
  • Flyers on bulletin boards will be removed every four weeks (or after the advertised event has passed) and are monitored weekly by Library staff
  • Public computer screens and library homepage slides are not available to advertise non-Library related services or events

Posting Locations

Information Commons Bulletin Board (1st floor): anyone can post to this bulletin board.

  • Library information and activities
  • Campus activities
  • Off-campus activities (i.e. public lectures, cultural events, educational activities)
  • Posters advertising sales, services, business opportunities, jobs, rides, housing, etc.

Locked Glass Display Bulletin Board (located at the front entrance of the Library): present your poster to a person at the Information Commons Desk. Subject to approval from a staff member, the flyer will be date stamped and posted and is subject to monitoring by the Library staff who are responsible for the maintenance of the bulletin board.

  • Library information and activities
  • Campus activities

Skybridge : all posting to the north and south skybridges must be approved by Library Administration. Requests can be sent via email to, by phone (425) 352-5258, or in person in LB1-310. Once approved, you are responsible for hanging and removal of the posters. All posters must be hung in only the bottom window of the skybridge. Duration of posting must be coordinated with Library Administration prior to hanging. General duration should not exceed 2 weeks. Length of posting can be adjusted depending on the event.

  • Student events & activities (highest priority)
  • Campus activities
  • Library information and activities

Exceptions to Policy for Student Government Elections (UWB and CC) & Cram Nights (UWB and CC):
The Library allows two exceptions to the posting policy. Candidates for Student Government positions can post election materials and Cram Night coordinators from ASUWB & CSG can post promotional materials related to Cram Night. These materials must be posted on the unpainted concrete walls and posts (not on the white painted walls, the bronze walls or on glass doors). They MUST use blue tape which the Library will provide at the Information Commons desk. Signs posted on the skybridge must abide by the skybridge posting guidelines above. Also, the candidates or student government groups are not allowed to put posters on top of existing signs (i.e. other candidates’ posters or Library signs). All materials must be removed at the conclusion of the process by the group/individual that posted them.

Posting Info for UW Bothell & Cascadia

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Library Administration

Phone: 425-352-5258


Comments and suggestions regarding this policy are welcome and can be submitted by email ( or anonymously through the online feedback form.