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Cell Phone Use

Cell phone guidelines for the Entire Building

  • Turn cellular phone ringer off or set to silent or vibrate upon entering the building.
  • Use in designated areas only (see list below).
  • Move immediately to a designated area when placing or receiving calls.
  • Be courteous to others by keeping your voice at a low volume.

Designated Cellular Phone Use Areas

In order to maximize the ability of students to study in the library, it is necessary to have specific areas designated as quiet study space.  Because of this, cellular phone use is allowed only in:

  • Group study rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Stairwells and landings 

Cellular phones are prohibited in all other areas of the building.

Though cellular phone use is allowed in specific areas (see list above), it is important to remember that using cellular phones in a loud or disruptive manner is prohibited in the Campus Library.  When disruptive behavior is identified a supervisor or librarian will take the appropriate steps to discontinue the disruption.  See the UW Libraries Code of Conduct for more information.

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