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Technology Resources at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Scanning Technology in the Campus Library

Stand Alone Scanner - Coming Soon: The Campus Library will soon set up a stand-alone overhead scanning workstation on a height adjustable table that will be available for use by all students.

Desktop Scanners - There are also 5 workstations in the Campus Library Information Commons which include legal-size flatbed scanners.  These workstations require proper logon credentials, as they also provide access to databases and online resources licensed by the University Libraries, Microsoft Office software, email and Internet access.  We also have an adaptive technology workstation equipped with a scanner, assistive hardware and additional software. (All scanners in the Campus Library are capable of scanning text materials using Optical Character Recognition to create files that can be used with text-to-speech software.)

Copyright Notice:

The use of copyrighted materials in all formats, including the creation, online delivery and use of digital copies of copyrighted materials via any scanner must be in compliance with U.S. copyright law (

Users should only create copies of copyrighted works to serve personal study, scholarship, research or teaching needs.

Use of any scanner on campus is your acceptance of compliance with this notice.

Scanner vs. Photocopier

Graphic of a flatbed scanner

The Library does not have any photocopiers, but you can scan to a PDF, or JPG and email or print...

Did you know...

The University of Washington Libraries is committed to paper conservation and encouraging more environmentally sustainable practices.