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Technology Resources at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Computer Types and Locations

Windows Workstations*
All Library study spaces and classrooms with computers feature Dell All-in-One workstations with 24" touch-screens and DVD drives.  These are used by all UWB and Cascadia College students for academic purposes, providing Internet access to databases and online resources licensed by the University of Washington Libraries, network access to individual file storage, licensed productivity software, email, and playback for the library's DVD collection. Several workstations also include scanners, and we also have an adaptive technology workstation equipped with assistive hardware and software.

Windows Laptops
There are 25 laptops with 15" touch-screens funded by UWB's Student Technology Fee which the UWB Student Activities Fee provides funding for the library to circulate exclusively to current UW Bothell students.  (These laptops are NOT available to staff or faculty.)   A portable DVD or Blu-Ray drive may also be checked out with these laptops.

Network and Wireless Access
Wireless internet access is available in all buildings on campus via eduroam, which is available to current students and employees of both the University of Washington, and Cascadia College. Visitors to campus with a current affiliation at any other institution using eduroam can also access it in any building on campus.  Visitors without eduroam access, or with no current affiliation with the UW or Cascadia, can ask library staff about obtaining a temporary UW NetID to access the University of Washington wireless network while visiting the Campus Library.

Guest Research Stations
Visitors have access to Guest Research Stations which feature limited software for academic purposes, access to fee-based printing, limited email access (Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail) and Internet access to all online resources licensed by the University Libraries, as well as web sites with .edu, .gov, .org, .mil, .museum extensions.

* The Campus Library does not have any Mac computer workstations for students, staff, or faculty use.  UWB students may have access to the Open Learning Lab in Commons Hall (UW2-140) which has both Mac and Windows computers.  Cascadia students should check with the Cascadia Information Services department in CC2-171 for Mac computer availability.

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Data saved to computers is not secure and subject to immediate deletion!  Save your work to your own media or network/cloud storage solution.

Always remember to Sign Out of, or Restart, any computer you use on campus!