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Technology Resources at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Wireless Connections in the Campus Library

Eduroam wireless network - Eduroam (‘education roaming’) is a free encrypted wireless network that allows users (researchers, teachers, students, staff) from both the UW and Cascadia to securely access the Internet from any eduroam-enabled institution. This network is available in all buildings on the Bothell campus, and is currently the only WiFi network available in Innovation Hall.  Please visit your institutions Wireless Access page for more information.

University of Washington wireless network - Connect your personal laptop or other device to the Internet via the University of Washington wireless access network, available in the Campus Library and all UW Bothell buildings. Current Cascadia students, staff, and faculty are eligible for a UW NetID of their own, and for Library guests (non-affiliated visitors), Library staff on the first floor can assign temporary UW NetIDs for temporary access to the University of Washington wireless network.  For more information about connecting to the University of Washington wireless network, please see Using Wi-Fi at the UW.

Cascadia College wireless network - Connect your personal laptop or other device to the Internet via the Cascadia wireless access network, only available at Cascadia College, in the CC1, CC2, and CC3 buildings.  (Not available in the Campus Library.)  For more information about connecting to the Cascadia wireless network, please visit the Bock Learning Center in CC2-060, or the Cascadia Wireless Options page.

Accessing your network fileshare

UW Students:

University of Washington students have several online storage options when saving files to the cloud, as well as their UW fileshare, which is mapped as their U: drive whenever logged onto a UW-owned campus computer that is properly configured and connected to the University of Washington network on campus.

To connect from off-campus, use the Husky OnNet VPN, and you can either add the web-based fileshare as a network place, or a mapped drive depending on your Operating System.

When prompted by a Windows Security window, enter your user name in the form netid\your uwnetid, and enter the correct password. 

Cascadia Students:

Current Cascadia students can log in to Library computers with their Cascadia Network Account (Username is your full email address: or with the UW NetID they create using their Cascadia Network Account.

All current Cascadia Students can save files to their OneDrive and access this fileshare wirelessly, or from off-campus using the instructions on the Cascadia website.

Not affiliated with the University of Washington or Cascadia College?

  • You can still email files to yourself, effectively storing them at your email provider, or use a web-based file storage service.

  • You can ask staff at the desk on the first floor about getting a temporary wireless NetID that allows you to use the University of Washington wireless network.

  • Anyone can use the fee-for-print system in the Library by purchasing a Dawg Prints Card (not required if you have a Husky Card.)


ALL USERS should read and understand the guidelines for appropriate use of UW computing and networking resources.

Ethernet connection

To connect your personal laptop or other device to the Internet in the Campus Library, we recommend using the "eduroam" wireless network.  If you do not have eduroam access, use the wireless network "University of Washington."  If you don't have a wireless connection, you may find a table with an available network cable (pictured here), but please DO NOT unplug Library computers or Library Printers to use their Ethernet connections!  This will negatively impact the use of those resources for others and may result in disciplinary actions!

Did you know...

If you are able to use the eduroam or University of Washington wireless network at the UWB/CC Campus Library, you can also use them all over the UW Seattle campus!