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Technology Resources at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Adaptive Technology Workstation Specifications and Location

One Adaptive Technology Workstation is located in the Information Commons and priority is given to UWB and Cascadia students who can also reserve it for 2-hour periods of time (call 425-352-5340 or email It is equipped with a Windows computer with the following additional hardware:

  • Powered, height-adjustable workstation
  • 24" All-in-One computer with touch-screen
  • Acrobat Video Magnifier
  • Webcam
  • Jumbo Trackball
  • High-contrast large print keyboard
  • standard mouse
  • Epson GT-2500 8.5" x 14" scanner with a duplex automatic document feeder

It has the standard Information Commons Student workstation software plus the following Accessibility software:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • ZoomText Reader/Magnifier

Additional accessibility information for users of the Campus Library:
There are workstations marked for wheelchair priority access with height-adjustable surfaces located throughout the Library.  For printing, the color printer, and one of the black&white printers in the Information Commons are configured to be accessible. Help with printing is available at the Computing Help Desk on the first floor of the Library.  See the Campus Library's Accessibility pages for additional resources.

Additional Information on Accessibility for users of the UWB/CC Campus:

Acrobat Magnifier at the Adaptive Technology Workstation

Adaptive Technology Workstation in the Library

The Campus Library has an Adaptive Technology Workstation that is equipped with an Acrobat CCTV magnifier.  This workstation can also be reserved by current students of UWB or Cascadia who require its specialized equipment.

Did you know...

Both UW Bothell and Cascadia have their own departments to support students with disabilities.

UW Bothell Disability Resources for Students

Cascadia Student Accessibility Services