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Technology Resources at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Cascadia Students - Print on campus using Cascadia's Web Print Portal

Cascadia Web Print loginCascadia's pre-paid print service is accessible in the Library through the Cascadia Web Print portal from all computers including mobile devices!  Users must have a current Cascadia Network Account and Student ID number to sign in at see the frequently asked questions.  Use a web browser to upload your documents, and then release them at any Cascadia printer. (Including the one in the Campus Library!)

UW Bothell Students - Print on campus using UW's My Print Center!

MyPrintCenter.pngThe UW's fee-for-print service is accessible in the Library through the UW's My Print Center portal from all computers including mobile devices!  Users must have a current UW NetID to sign into My Print Center at see the frequently asked questions.  Use a web browser to upload your documents, and then release them at Dawg Prints printers.

Campus Library Printing Information

What are the printing prices and policies?

Cascadia Students:  A printer on the Cascadia network is setup in the Library's Information Commons that allows you to print in B&W or color using the same printing allocation used at printers located in the Cascadia College buildings as determined by fees they may have already paid. (Library printers ONLY print on letter-size paper, and default to 2-sided printing)

UW Bothell Students:  There are B&W and color printers that use the UW's "Dawg Prints" fee-for-print system available in the Library's Information Commons.  The cost per-page for single-sided b&w letter-size pages is $0.12 ($0.23 per sheet for double-sided printing) or $0.50 for single-sided color letter-size pages ($1.00 for double-sided). (Library printers ONLY print on letter-size paper)

Refunds are not available on the Bothell Campus. If you experience any printing problems in the Library, please ask a Student Technology Consultant for assistance. To request a refund credit, go to the Dawg Prints refund page.

For more information on the Dawg Prints program, including system status alerts, how to install traditional print drivers on your own laptop while on campus, the MyPrintCenter program, and all Dawg Prints printer locations, visit the Dawg Prints website.

How do I print?

Do NOT print documents from any web browser!  (Excel spreadsheets, Word Docs, or PDF's)  Save the document to the computer first, and then open the file in the appropriate application to print it.  (Web browsers cause issues that prevent pages from printing.)

Cascadia Students:  To print to the Cascadia printer in the Library from any library computer or your own laptop, use the Web Print option and choose “Follow Me Anywhere Printing” as outlined on Cascadia's website (for use with personal devices).  You can also scan a document to your student email address or make photocopies by logging in to the printer with your ctcLink ID.  Please don't forget to log out when you are done.

UW Bothell Students:  On Library computers, select File and Print in whichever application you are printing from. Select the printer appropriate for your print job. You MUST provide a specific owner name or UW NetID in the "Print Job Details" dialog.  (You must enter this NetID or name EXACTLY the same way at the Print Release Station to see your print jobs!)  If you want to print from your own laptop, you can install traditional print drivers for your laptop's Operating System, and print as above, or use the My Print Center feature (UW NetID required).  (For issues with driver installs, see the Troubleshooting page).

Go to one of the three the Black&White Print Release Stations for B&W pages, or the Color Print Release Station for color pages.  Type in your UW NetID or the owner name you used when you submitted the job.  Then, when prompted, swipe your Husky Card or a Dawg Prints Card for payment.  Only your print job(s) will be listed in the queue for the UW NetID or name you entered. (Print jobs expire after 24 hours)  Select your print job, and verify the correct number of pages and the correct amount being charged, then click the Print button. Click the Logoff button to keep others from using the money on your card account, and then collect your printed pages, and verify that you only have pages you printed.

How do I make a photocopy or send a fax?

  1. There are no photocopiers or fax machines in the Campus Library for public or student use.  See the Scanners tab for more information.
  2. Fax services may be available at the Bothell Public Library, and the Bothell FedEx Print & Ship Center.

Dawg Prints Release Stations

Photo of a Print Release Workstation in the Campus Library Information Commons

The UW's Fee-for-Print Release Stations in the Library REQUIRE a UW NetID or owner name to print!

Did you know....

Cascadia students pre-pay quarterly for printing!  In addition to the Cascadia printer in the Library, student printers are located in all Cascadia buildings, including Innovation Hall, the Learning Center (CC2-060), and at breakout areas in CC1, CC2, and CC3 that include both computers and printers.