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Technology Resources at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Library Laptop Circulation Program

The 25 Windows laptops currently circulated by the Campus Library are funded by the UWB Student Technology Fee, with the circulation service partially funded by the UWB Student Activities Fee. They can be checked out by current UWB students ONLY  for up to 7 days.  (No staff or faculty checkouts)  Laptops must be returned before the Library closes on the due date to avoid a $15 daily fine.  (For any Library closure, including holidays or inclement weather, laptops will be due by closing on the next day the Library is open.)

Use of these laptops requires using your UW NetID to logon to them while on campus, and that you connect to the UW's Virtual Private Network Service (Husky OnNet) for access to Libraries online resources.

About the Library Laptops

The current laptops are Dell 15 inch touch screens with webcams and backlit keyboards that include a 10-key.  All of the laptops can access the campus wireless network, and have a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired Internet access. The software available on the circulated laptops is a subset of the licensed software installed on the computers in the Information Commons. (There are also a limited number of DVD and Blu-Ray drives available which may ONLY be checked out with these laptops.)

Students must present their current Husky Card for checkouts, and may be asked to show additional photo ID.  To ensure availability for as many students as possible, laptops cannot be reserved or renewed, and students may not checkout another laptop the same day they return one.  These laptops are available for checkout during all library hours each quarter, but may have limited availability during the interims between quarters.

Responsibility for Library Laptops

Laptops must be returned by the due date to avoid sanctions or fines.  Fines accrue for laptops at a daily rate of $15 per day, including days the library is closed if it is already past the due date.  Failure to return a laptop, or any of the items checked out with it, will result in being billed the replacement cost of the laptop and/or other items not returned, a non-refundable fine, and a lost item processing fee.  (Visit for more information.)  Please do not return laptops using the Library's book returns!

Keep laptops secure and safe!  Borrowers are responsible for any and all damages to the laptop, or its loss, up to and including the full replacement cost of the laptop.  Please read the Computer Use Policy on the UWB/CC Campus Library website for other restrictions that may apply. All files on the laptop may be deleted upon check-in , so be sure to save your work to your own media, disk, or network file space. Equipment will not be checked in without all of the accessories it was checked out with. (power adaptor, disk drives, cases, cables, etc.)  FAILURE TO RESPOND TO EMAILS ABOUT THE LAPTOP, OR RETURN A LAPTOP BY THE DUE DATE, MAY RESULT IN FINES, BLOCKS, OR OTHER SANCTIONS.

Software on Library Laptops

The software available on the circulated laptops is a subset of the licensed software installed on the computers in the Information Commons.  See the Software tab for more information.

Library Circulated Laptop

Laptops and the circulation service are funded by UW Bothell Student Activities and Technology Fees, and are available ONLY to current UWB students .  All feature touch screens and can be connected to Collaboration Monitors in Library Study Rooms.

Did you know....

UW Bothell and Cascadia College also circulate other equipment to their current students at other service desks.