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Technology Resources at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Using your credentials: UW NetID and Cascadia Network Account

Your affiliation with Cascadia or the University of Washington will determine your ability to access resources both on, and off-campus.  The student-use computers in the Campus Library are funded by Student Technology Fees of Cascadia College and the University of Washington Bothell, and will allow current students or employees of either institution to log into them while using the Library.  Current Cascadia users can use either their Cascadia Network Account or their UW NetID to sign into these computers.  Signing in with a Cascadia Network Account on Library computers will also provide access to the Cascadia printer in the Library. (See Printing for more information.) 

ATTENTION ALL CASCADIA USERS: If your Cascadia Network Account password is expired, or if you have never logged into a Cascadia system for the first time to reset your password, authentication for any remotely accessed resource will fail.  If you find that your account was not created or you have other issues, please contact the Cascadia Information Services Help Desk for further assistance.  You must change your default password before you can use it to create a UW NetID or access other various technical resources.



Your network account or NetID is assigned to you forever.  Do not let others use it, and never share your password via email!

Cascadia Network Accounts

Cascadia Students can use their Cascadia Network Account to log in to computers in the Campus Library. Simply enter your credentials in the form:

UW VPN Service - Husky OnNet

Husky OnNet (HON) provides current UW students and employees a secure connection (using the BIG IP Edge Client) to the UW network from remote locations, such as from home, a coffee shop, at the airport, etc, while using a third-party Internet Service Provider. (ISP)  When configured for "All Internet Traffic," it can also be used as an alternative to the Libraries off-campus proxy service for connecting to UW subscription resources.