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Campus Amenities

Charging Locker Locations

Charging Lockers are available on campus to re-charge cell phones, tablets, and other small electronics in a secure location. The lockers are powered by ASUWB and funded with the Student Technology Fee fund. Charging Lockers are free to use by all students.

charging locker for small electronicsActivities and Recreation Center (The ARC), first floor lobby area

Food For Thought (LB2), near front glass window seating area

Commons Hall (UW2), first floor commons area

Founders Hall (UW1), in the Diversity Center (UW1-173)

Other Charging Options

Do you need to charge other devices, such as laptops or tablets? The Campus Library has table top charging stations available in the Information Commons on the first floor.

Visit the Technology Resources guide for more information.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

For questions, comments, or concerns, please email the ASUWB Treasurer at asuwbtre@uw.eduor the ASUWB Team at

Note: ASUWB and the Campus Library are not responsible for personal theft and/or personal liability and are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

If you are unable to gain access to your locker or forget your passcode please contact Campus Safety for assistance. Campus Safety may ask you to describe your item and may ask you to unlock your device prior to you taking possession of your electronics. In addition, Campus Safety will need some for of identification.

Campus Safety