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Campus Amenities

Disability Support Centers

UW Bothell - Disability Resources for Students Center (DRS)

The Disability Resources for Students Center provides accommodations, alternative testing, interpreters, note taking, and more to UW Bothell students.

Cascadia College - Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Student Accessibility Services provides adaptive technologies, alternative testing, note taking, interpreters, and more to Cascadia College students.

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides numerous services to UW Bothell and Cascadia students. For more information about what is available or to make an appointment, please visit the Counseling Center.

Bilingual services available

Career Centers

Do you need help polishing a resume? Would you like to practice an interview? Do you want to know about transferring to a 4-year institution? You can get assistance with those topics, and so much more by visiting one of the career centers listed below.

UW Bothell - Career Services

Cascadia College - Career and Transfer Services

Academic Success Services at UW Bothell

Academic Success Coaching Program

Through 1:1 meetings, Academic Success Coaching Program staff work with students in identifying their academic skills and strengths in order to create a foundation for success in college and beyond.

Quantitative Skills Center

The Quantitative Skills Center (QSC) provides peer-tutoring, equipment check-out, software tutorials, study tips, and more.

Writing and Communication Center

The Writing & Communication Center helps UW Bothell students become stronger, more confident writers and communicators through resources, skill assessment, group workshops, online support, and more.

Academic Success Services at Cascadia College

The Bock Learning Center

The Bock Learning Center offers Cascadia students peer-tutoring, computer and printing resources, equipment & textbook check-out, and more!

Online Tutoring

Cascadia students have access to online tutoring in a variety of subjects is available through the Western eTutoring Consortium. For information about tutoring sessions or to become a peer-tutor, contact the Bock Learning Center.

Language Learning Center

The Language Learning Center assists Cascadia students in becoming more fluent in a new language and culture. Services also include peer-tutoring and conversation practice, study resources, and quarterly sponsored events.