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Available Technology

Adaptive Technology Workstation

An adaptive technology workstation with added accessibility hardware and software is available on the first floor of the Campus Library in the Information Commons. Priority is given to UWB and CC students.

Computer Workstations

Several computer workstations marked for wheelchair priority access with height-adjustable surfaces are located in the Information Commons, on the first floor of the the library.

Work Surfaces

Several electric height-adjustable work surfaces marked for wheelchair priority access are located throughout the library building, on all three floors. 

Circulated Accessible Technology

The following accessibility items are available for checkout and use within the library from the Information desk on the first floor:

Ergonomic USB keyboard - Designed to reduce or mitigate the repetitive stress injuries that using a keyboard may do to your hands, wrists, and shoulders after years of daily use.

Ergonomic USB mouse - Designed to limit or eliminate movements that have been known to cause repetitive strain injuries or aggravate these in people who already suffer from them.

large print high contrast keyboardLarge-Print / High-contrast USB keyboard - The large type and high contrast of these keyboards assist individuals with low vision by reducing eye strain. These keyboards also make typing easier for those with limited fine motor skills by eliminating multi-function keys.

track ball mouseLarge trackball USB mouse - Trackball mice are highly useful tools for those with dexterity and fine motor skill impairments, including carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. This mouse allows people to use differing or fewer muscles in their hands and wrists.

pocket hearing loopPocket Hearing Loop - This small personal amplifier is for one-on-one communications, and can be used at a service desk, when walking with a person to the stacks, or in a library classroom. Pocket loops are like a “focused headset”.

portable lap boardPortable Lapboard - Can be placed on the lap or across the arms of a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Lapboards effectively provide a desktop space for a mouse and keyboard (or laptop) while improving reach and comfort for individuals with whom using a standard desk is impractical.

Printing Options

For printing, the color printer, and one of the black&white printers in the Information Commons are configured to be accessible. Help with printing is available at the Computing Help Desk on the first floor of the Library.  More information about printing in the Campus Library can be found on the Technology Resources: Printing page.

Contact the Library

Phone: 425-352-5340 (Voice & Relay)


Campus Location: LB1, located in the middle of campus

Mailing Address: UWB/CC Campus Library, 18225 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Comments and suggestions regarding the Accessibility Guide are welcome and can be submitted through the online feedback form*.

*Submissions to the Library’s anonymous feedback form are reviewed by the Associate Dean, the Director of Public Services, Director of Collections Strategy, and the Budget & Operations Manager. Comments are forwarded to other library and campus staff if the content is relevant to their work.