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Drive-up Book Return

drive-up book return located on NE Campus Parkway An outdoor, drive-up book return is located at street level on Campus Way NE, south of the pedestrian overpass. The book return is equipped with a metal slot for returning materials. Insert library materials one-at-a-time through the metal slot opening on the front of the book return.No handle or twisting of the wrist is required to operate the return.

Equipment (i.e. laptops, calculators) must be returned to the library where they were checked out. The drive-up book return should not be used to return equipment. If you are unable to access the library for equipment returns, please contact the appropriate library departments below to facilitate equipment returns. 

Contact the Library

Phone: 425-352-5340 (Voice & Relay)


Campus Location: LB1, located in the middle of campus

Mailing Address: UWB/CC Campus Library, 18225 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Comments and suggestions regarding the Accessibility Guide are welcome and can be submitted through the online feedback form*.

*Submissions to the Library’s anonymous feedback form are reviewed by the Associate Dean, the Director of Public Services, Director of Collections Strategy, and the Budget & Operations Manager. Comments are forwarded to other library and campus staff if the content is relevant to their work.