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There are two elevators that serve different portions of the Library and the Library Annex buildings.

LB1 Elevator

The LB1 Elevator is the main elevator for public use within the library. The LB1 Elevator has two elevator cars that serve Level 1 through Level 3 of the main library building. The LB1 Elevator can transport individuals to study rooms, classrooms, the I.T. Help Desk, the Office of Digital Learning & Innovation, and the library's public services desk.

LBA Elevator

The LBA Elevator has one elevator car that serves the Lower level through Level 1 of the Library Annex building. The LBA Elevator can transport individuals from Campus Way NE to the main entrance to the Campus Library, the LBA-003 classroom, the Cascadia College Basic Education for Adults office, the BECU ATM, and the promenade level of campus.

In the event that the LB1 Elevator is out of service, Campus Safety and Library Staff may use the LBA Elevator to assist in moving individuals throughout the library buildings. For assistance, contact Campus Safety at 425-352-5359 or a library staff member at the Information desk on the first floor.

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Contact the Library

Phone: 425-352-5340 (Voice & Relay)


Campus Location: LB1, located in the middle of campus

Mailing Address: UWB/CC Campus Library, 18225 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Comments and suggestions regarding the Accessibility Guide are welcome and can be submitted through the online feedback form*.

*Submissions to the Library’s anonymous feedback form are reviewed by the Associate Dean, the Director of Public Services, Director of Collections Strategy, and the Budget & Operations Manager. Comments are forwarded to other library and campus staff if the content is relevant to their work.