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Resources for Students During Ramadan

Food Services on Campus

Gold Brew

Location: UW2, first floor, The Commons
For Hours, website:Gold Brew Coffee

The Market / Provisions on Demand (POD)

Location: Promenade level, south end of LB1/Library
For Hours, website: The Market

The Terrace Dining Pavilion

Location: Residential Village
For Hours and dining options, website: The Terrace Dining Pavilion

For all food and dining options, please visit the Bothell Dining Services homepage.

Vending Machines Locations

Access to vending machines is dependent on building hours. For a list of current building hours, please visit:

UW Bothell building hours

Cascadia College building hours

Activities and Recreation Center (The ARC)

Location: Lower Level (orange level), near the elevators/stairs
Vending Type: snacks, beverages, milk

Campus Library (LB1)

Location: First Floor study area
Vending Type: snacks, beverages, miscellaneous office and study supplies


Location: Second Floor elevator area, Third Floor elevator area
Vending Type: snacks, beverages


Location: Second Floor elevator area, Third Floor elevator area
Vending Type: snacks, beverages


Location: First Floor restroom area, Second Floor restroom area, Third Floor restroom area
Vending Type: snacks, beverages

Founders Hall (UW1)

Location: First Floor hallway south, Second Floor hallway south, Third Floor hallway south
Vending Type: snacks, beverages

Commons Hall (UW2)

Location: First Floor Gold Brew Kiosk area
Vending Type: Coffee

Location: Second Floor Quantitative Skills Center
Vending Type: snacks, beverages

Location: Third Floor across from UW2-221
Vending Type: beverage

Discovery Hall (UW3)

Location: First Floor elevator area
Vending Type: snacks

Location: Third Floor elevator area
Vending Type: beverages

ATMs on Campus

The BECU ATM is located on the promenade level of campus, across from the Campus Library entrance.

  • For technical issues with the BECU ATM, call 1-800-233-2328. The ATM ID# is WA03315.

A BankMobile Vibe ATM is located on the first floor of CC1, in the lobby area near the Information desk.