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The Campus Library is part of the University of Washington Libraries, and serves the students, faculty and staff of the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College. The Library is a learning space where students can read, explore, research, create and collaborate. 

Organizational Structure

The University of Washington Libraries, which operates as one library serving three campuses, has long been recognized for the exceptional quality of its staff, services and collections. Library staff are leaders in user-centered services, assessment, collaboration, online learning, and innovative pedagogies.

Campus Library Organizational Structure (PDF)

UW Libraries Organization at a Glance

Library Leadership Team

The Library Leadership Team functions as a collaborative team that advances the mission, vision, and values of the Library. Leadership Team members are the principal stewards for Library resources and are accountable for ensuring that resources are used wisely and effectively to meet the needs of our users. Leadership Team members serve as advocates for their areas of responsibility, representing Unit needs, priorities and perspectives in planning discussions.

In collaboration with Library staff, the Leadership Team sets and affirms the Library’s strategic directions of the Library as part of the strategic planning process, and ensures that resources and structures are aligned with strategic priorities. The Leadership Team accomplishes this by making informed decisions – based on input from staff and users - as to policy and priorities, resource allocation, in communication with Library staff. New initiatives are reviewed to identify what impacts may arise across Library Units, the UW Libraries, UWB, and CC. As individuals and as a group, the Leadership Team maintains a future-oriented perspective, regularly scanning the environment for developments affecting our campus, academic libraries, and higher education. Leadership Team pays particular attention to staff and organizational development.

Our commitments to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are:

  1. Incorporate perspectives from EDI and anti-racism readings and trainings into all aspects of our Leadership Team discussions.
  2. Create space to critically reflect on how we inhabit our individual and collective leadership roles.  Reflect on the implicit and explicit power dynamics that exist within our leadership group, the Library, and our campus.
  3. Share out with all Library staff key learnings that apply to our work in the Library and campus community.
  4. Support EDI and anti-racist learning and self-education opportunities for all staff and student employees.  Examples include participation in workshops, trainings, webinars, conferences, UW and Cascadia College campus events, and unit-based readings and discussions. 

Leadership Team members are:

  • Heather Cyre, Interim Head of Library Technology Services, Head of Public Services
  • Silvia Eddings, Administrator
  • Denise Hattwig, Head of Digital Scholarship
  • Leslie Hurst, Head of Teaching & Learning
  • Richard Lewis, Associate Dean of UW Libraries
  • Suzan Parker, Head of Collections & Course Support Services

Associate Dean of UW Libraries

Richard Lewis
(425) 352-5387