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1946 Alien Fiancées and Fiancés Act (An act to facilitate the admission into the United States of the alien fiancées or fiancés of members of the armed forces of the United States)

S. 2122; Pub. L. 79-471; 60 stat. 339.

79th Congress; June 29, 1946.

You can find the full text of this law as a PDF here.



The G.I. fiancée act was devised to expedite the entrance of foreign-born fiancées of members of the U.S Armed Forces that served in WWII. They were allowed to enter as a nonimmigrant temporary visitor for three months on a passport visa, but were required to provide proof of a valid marriage within that time frame. If they were not married with in the three months, then they had to leave or else face deportation. Prospective U.S. citizen spouses had to provide a bond to the Commissioner of Immigration to cover the alien’s deportation fees should the need arise. With sufficient proof of a valid marriage the bond was cancelled, other wise the money was forfeited and the alien was deported.

(Summary by Ashley Braa and Alice Lowrie)



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