Campus Library Printing Information

What are the printing prices and policies?

How do I print?

  1. Select File and Print from whichever application you are printing. Select the printer appropriate for your print job. You’ll be asked to provide your name and a document name. It is important that you provide a unique name so that you can find and print the correct document!
  2. Go to the closest printer, located at the west end of the computer aisles in the Information Commons. Swipe your Card at the card reader mounted on the printer. When the print queue appears, locate your print job by the name you entered. The most recent print jobs will appear at the top of the print queue.
  3. Select your print job by touching the checkbox on the left.
  4. Verify the correct number of pages and the correct amount being charged
  5. Click the Print button. Collect your printed pages and verify that you only have the pages you printed!
  6. Make sure to select the Logoff button to close access to your account!

How can I reduce my printed output?

What if I forget to swipe my newly purchased Dawg-Prints card?